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Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing

People with auditory processing disorder (APD) have a hard time hearing small sound differences in words. 'Raise' can sound like 'haze' and 'chair' can sound like 'there'. This can make understand a teacher in a classroom very difficult. It becomes even more difficult if your child is bilingual and is trying to learn either English or Spanish.

APD, also known as central auditory processing disorder, isn't hearing loss or a learning disorder. It means your brain doesn't "hear" sounds in the usual way. It's not a problem with understanding meaning. (

If you are not able to hear sounds properly, you will have issues with speech and language. We can help. Our bilingual specialists can help your with auditory processing issues in either English or Spanish. Contact us today if you think you are having problems processing the information you hear on a daily basis. This is not a problem that just 'goes away'. It can and often will get worse with time, so please make an appointment today.

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