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Feeding and Swallowing

Feeding and Swallowing

It goes without saying that feeding and swallowing are important. But did you know that a in addition to speech and language issues we can treat feeding and swallowing disorders in children too? It's true, we see it all the time and we can help.

Eating, chewing and swallowing is a process. Children have to learn this process. They start by sucking and learn how to eat solid foods and drink from a cup. Children will have some trouble at first. Drinks may spill from their mouths. They may push food back out or gag on new foods. This is normal and should go away. A child with a feeding disorder will keep having trouble. Some children will eat only certain foods, or they may take a long time to eat. These children may also have a feeding disorder.

If your child is having difficulty with feeding and swallowing, call us today. We can help. Improper swallowing can lead to digestion issues which can hinder growth. In severe cases, improper feeding and swallowing can lead to choking and even death.

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